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We encourage Junior CS:GO players to develop their skills at all levels. Professional cs:go performance is learned through a process of mentored practice, in which novice cs go players perform tasks under the watchful eye of more experienced players, who treat the novice as a protégé and seek to mentor their successful development.

  • - 2 New Videos /Articles per week
  • - Individual training schedule
  • - Theoretical guides - Tips & Tricks
  • - Consultation with support team 8h a day
  • - Useful Smokes/Flashes/Grenades
  • - Entry Frags , Defending Bombsites
  • - CS:GO Boost Rank Strategies
  • - Clutch Strategies
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05 April 2017 — csgocoach

05 April 2017 — csgocoach

21 October 2016 — csgocoach

There is no setting that would re-compensate you for a lack of a good mouse or the incorrect use of it. Nowadays, ever brand is trying to assure you that they are selling a gaming mouse which has everything you need. Highlighted big numbers like 16000 DPI or 15750 CPI are all over the place,… View Article

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10 October 2016 — csgocoach

What am I doing wrong? Do I hold my mouse properly? Is my keyboard at a good angle and should I have my monitor closer? Is my chair too high up? These questions are frequently asked when people start feeling inconsistent in a game and begin to lose confidence. They are unsure what they are… View Article

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02 October 2016 — csgocoach

Game Sense Many of you wonder what “game sense” actually means. This word is often used in Counter-Strike and is mentioned all the time in tournaments, videos or in-game. To be honest, this question cannot be answered straight and many players, coaches or pro-games struggle with answering it. This is simply because this short term… View Article

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